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The Iron Wolf and Other Stories, ed. by Richard Adams (1980) – collection of folktales from around the world, including on wolves

Albert W. Aiken, The Wolf Demon; or, The Queen of the Kanawha (1878) – pulp fiction novel about a werewolf terrorizing a Native American tribe

Chingiz Aitmatov, The Place of the Skull, trans. by Natasha Ward (2000) – Russian novel about a she-wolf and her mate who seek revenge on the humans who are responsible for the deaths of their three litters of pups

Ann Allestree, Triptych of a Young Wolf (2008) – set in France, this novel follows Louis-Loup, a wolf cub who is abandoned and adopted by a woman, and lives among humans before they release him back into the wild

J. D. Arnold and Rich Koslowski, BB Wolf and the 3 LPs (2010) – graphic novel reimagining the ‘Three Little Pigs’ story set in the 1920s and in which the wolf is a black blues musician, and the pigs white landowners attempting to take the wolf’s farm away


Sandra L. Beckett, Revisioning Red Riding Hood Around the World: An Anthology of International Retellings (2013) – collection of versions of the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fairy tale, for a wide variety of audiences and in a variety of genres

Nick Blackstock, Beast (2000) – novel based on the legends of the Beast of Gevaudan, a mysterious, perhaps lupine creature which slaughtered people and livestock in eighteenth-century France

Algernon Blackwood, The Wolves of God and Other Fey Stories (1921) – collection of short horror stories, including the titular ‘Wolves of God’, about a man who is hunted by a pack of mythical wolves

Michael Blake, Dances with Wolves (1988) – set during the American Civil War, the novel follows an American soldier who spends time with a Native American tribe and who befriends a wolf

Alice Borchardt, The Silver Wolf trilogy (1993-2001) – three-part series following two part-human, part-wolf shapeshifters, set during the reign of Charlemagne

Jordanna Max Brodsky, The Wolf in the Whale (2019) – a novel mixing Norse and Inuit folklore, following an Inuit shaman imbued with the spirit of the wolf, who befriends a Viking warrior

Raymond Bruckberger, The Miracles of the Wolf of Gubbio: A Parable, trans. by Gerold Lauck (1949) – French retelling of the miraculous tale of the wolf which was tamed by St Francis


W. Bruce Cameron, The Dog Master: A Novel of the First Dog (2015) – set 30,000 years ago, this novel follows the story of the first dog in history

Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber (1979) – a short story collection featuring three stories about wolves: ‘The Werewolf’, ‘The Company of Wolves’ and ‘Wolf-Alice’

Tung Chu-hsien and Yu Chin, School-master Tungkuo (1954) – a modern adaptation of the ancient Chinese fable of the Wolf of Zhongshan

Jethro Compton, Wolf’s Blood (2018) – inspired by Jack London’s White Fang, this novel is about a young Native American girl in the late nineteenth who befriends a wolf after her tribe are massacred  

Bobby Curnow, Night of 1,000 Wolves (2012) – set in the medieval period, a family has to fight off a siege of bloodthirsty wolves

James Oliver Curwood, Kazan (1914) – about a wolf-dog who flees to the wilderness after killing an abusive former owner, and joins a wolf pack

James Oliver Curwood, Baree, Son of Kazan (1917) – the sequel to Kazan

James Oliver Curwood, The Wolf Hunters: A Tale of Adventure in the Wilderness (1908) – about a group of hunters who must contend with packs of wolves while journeying in the Canadian wilderness


Alexandre Dumas, The Wolf Leader, trans. by Alfred Allinson (1904) – a fantasy novel about a man who is granted wishes by a wolf


Nicholas Evans, The Loop (1998) – about a wolf biologist’s efforts to protect the wolves who have returned to a small ranching town in Montana

Hal G. Evarts, The Yellow Horde (1921) – the story of a wolfer and the accounts of his experiences hunting on the prairie


William Giraldi, Hold the Dark (2014) – a wolf expert is summoned to Alaska to track the wolves who are believed to have killed three children

Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon, The Wild (2011) – fictional account of a young Jack London’s journey to the Yukon gold fields in the late nineteenth century, along with his wolf spirit guide

Michael Gregorio, Cry Wolf (2015) – novel about a man named Sebastiano, a ranger in a national park in Italy, where he studies the local wolves and attempts to ensure their survival amid disaster

Michael Gregorio, Think Wolf (2016) – sequel to Cry Wolf, following Sebastiano’s attempts to ‘think wolf’ in order to outwit the Mafia who are targeting him

Michael Gregorio, Lone Wolf (2017) – sequel to Think Wolf, in which Sebastiano teams up with a detective to uncover the identity of the creature, rumoured to be a werewolf, which is tearing apart livestock in the local forests

Cary Griffith, Wolves (2013) – thriller following a biologist investigating livestock depredations by wolves in Minnesota, re-released in a new version in 2021 as Wolf Kill


Sarah Hall, The Wolf Border (2015) – the story of a woman involved in a project reintroducing wolves to the Lake District

Isuna Hasekura, Spice and Wolf (狼と香辛料Ōkami to Kōshinryō) series, trans. by Paul Starr (2006-present) – Japanese light novel fantasy series following the journeys of a young merchant and a wolf goddess named Holo

Clarence Hawkes, A Wilderness Dog: The Biography of a Gray Wolf (1910) – about a man named Roderick and his interactions with a pack of wolves in Canada

Sarah Hawkswood, Wolf at the Door (2021) – in 1144, a forest keeper is killed, and a wolf is suspected to be the culprit. Two young men investigate and find the truth

Dorothy Hearst, Wolf Chronicles (2008-2012) – a trilogy set 14,000 years in the past, following the friendship between a wolf and a human in the midst of a broader wolf-human conflict

Dion Henderson, On the Mountain (2011) – set in Canada, this novel follows a man and a wolf who each seek vengeance from the other, with the man’s grandson caught between them

Larry Honnor, The Leader of the Pack: A Wolf’s Life-story (1936) – short novel following the life of an alpha wolf

Joel Horwood, Wolves Are Coming for You (2017) – play set in a British village where a wolf has been sighted

William Horwood, The Wolves of Time series (1995-1997) – two book series set in the near-future, in which wolves now rule the earth


Simon Ings, Wolves (2014) – novel set in a world in which Augmented Reality is the norm, but wolves haunt this imagined realm


Ian Mackenzie Jeffers, The Grey (2013) – a novel based on the 2011 survival film The Grey, itself based on the short story Ghost Walker by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers, following the survivors of a plane crash who are stalked by a pack of wolves


Seth Kantner, Ordinary Wolves (2005) – novel about a white boy raised by natives in Alaska, and his relationship with the wolves he lives alongside

Ken Kaufman, Ramblefoot (2011) – novel following Ramblefoot, a lone wolf attempting to avoid humans while finding his way back to his mate

Hong Ke, The Howl of the Wolf (2019) – collection of translated Chinese short stories, including one about a man who battles a wolf

Garry Kilworth, Midnight’s Sun (1990) – novel following a lone wolf exiled from his pack who has to form an allegiance with a man in order to survive

László Krasznahorkai, The Last Wolf, translated by George Szirtes (2016) – a Hungarian short story in which a philosopher recounts his attempt to locate the true story of the last wolf in Extremadura, Spain

Julia Kristeva, The Old Man and the Wolves, trans. by Barbara Bray (1994) – detailing the story told by person named only as the ‘Old Man’, about a massacre committed by wolves in a small town in Eastern Europe


R. D. Lawrence, Cry Wild (1970) – novel from the point of view of Silverfeet, a wolf whose journey from puppyhood to adulthood is detailed here

Tanith Lee, Red as Blood, or Tales from the Sisters Grimmer (1983) – collection of short stories retelling popular fairy tales, including Charles Perrault’s ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ (renamed as ‘Wolfland’ here)

Jack London, The Call of the Wild (1903) – a novella written from the point of view of a dog named Buck who is kidnapped and taken to work in the Canadian arctic during the gold rush of the 1900s, who becomes increasingly wild and wolf-like

Jack London, White Fang (1906) – following a wolfdog in Canada who becomes domesticated, often told from White Fang’s point of view

William J. Long, Wayeeses the White Wolf (1907) (first published as part of Northern Trails in 1905) – based on real experiences, Wayeeses the White Wolf details Long’s encounters with animals on the trails in the wilderness of Canada,


Daniel P. Mannix, The Wolves of Paris (1978) – fictionalised account of the 15th century legends of a man-eating pack of wolves in France

Edward Marston, The Wolves of Savernake (2020) – murder mystery set in medieval England, the culprit an unknown ‘wolf’

Guy de Maupassant, ‘The Wolf’ (1884) – short story about the attempts of a group of people to kill a wolf which has been terrorizing a French community

Barbara J. Moritsch, Wolf Time (2020) – the story of a wildlife biologist who is told, telepathically, of the story of two gray wolves

Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing (1994) – the second book in McCarthy’s Border Trilogy, The Crossing is set in 1940s in the southern US and Mexico and follows the travels of brothers Billy, Boyd, and their father, during the first of which they attempt to trap a she-wolf who has been depredating on livestock

Charlotte McConaghy, Once There Were Wolves (2021) – novel about the reintroduction of wolves to the Highlands of Scotland, following one of the Alaskan wildlife biologists tasked with the project

Jerome Mercier, The Last Wolf: A Story of England in the Fourteenth Century (1885) – fictional account imagining the legendary killing of the last wolf in England


A. C. Nicholas, Anna and the Tale of the Wolf (2010) – about a story told to Anna by her grandfather about the wolves and humans of 1920s Sicily, which comes to have new significance when Anna travels to Sicily sixty years later


Thomas D. Peacock, The Wolf’s Trail: An Ojibwe Story, Told by Wolves (2020) – told from the point of view of an elder wolf of a pack, relating the relationship between wolves and the Ojibwe people

Jodi Picoult, Lone Wolf (2012) – a novel about a conservationist who keeps a captive wolf pack and lives with wolves, now comatose after an accident, his children now trying to decide whether to take him off life support

Paul S. Piper, The Wolves of Mirr (2021) – set in a Montana community, whose people are divided about the return of wolves to their area, and a wolf biologist attempting to protect the animals

Martin Plant, Project Wolf (2000) – set in the Scottish Highlands, about conservationists reintroducing wolves


Thomas Mayne Reid, The Hunters’ Feast: Conversations Around the Camp Fire (1855) – about a group of hunters on an expedition in the prairies in the nineteenth century

Candace Robb, A Conspiracy of Wolves (2019) – murder mystery set in medieval York, in which rumours of wolves in the city start to spread after a body is found in the woods

Jiang Rong, Wolf Totem, trans. by Howard Goldblatt (2008) – a novel about a Chinese student who lives in Inner Mongolia in the 1960s, learning from the native grasslanders about wolf ecology and management, while attempting to raise a wolf cub

Teng Rong, Brilliant White Peaks (2021) – the story of two young wolves separated from their pack, and their journey to survive and return to their family


Roland Schimmelpfennig, One Clear, Ice-Cold January Morning at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century, trans. by Jamie Bulloch (2018) – novel about a wolf who, travelling through Germany, connects the lives of a number of people

Anthony Schmitz, Darkest Desire: The Wolf’s Own Tale (1998) – about a wolf who tries (and fails) to curb his appetite for children until the Brothers Grimm offer to cure him, but in fact, are simply using him for writing material

Kris Slokum, Bitter Enemies (2009) – a mystery unfolds when the young Francis Delacroix breaks with tradition and betrays his hunting roots in order to protect the wolves his family pursues

Joseph Smith, The Wolf (2008) – a novella written from the point of view of a wolf struggling to survive

Hannah Spencer, The Wolf of Allendale (2017) – retelling of the story of the wolf of Allendale (who escaped from a Northumberland zoo at the beginning of the twentieth century), in which a mythical wolf terrorises the people of an Iron Age village and is reawakened once again thousands of years later

David Stephen, Alba, the Last Wolf (1986) – set in the late eighteenth century, this novel tells the story of the last wolves to survive in Scotland

Whitley Strieber, The Wolfen (1978) – follows two detectives in New York investigating a series of murders which appear to be the work of animals, but are actually committed by creatures descended from wolves, the titular Wolfen people

Normandie Syken, Little Red Witch: “Little Red Riding Hood” by the Brothers Grimm (2017) – illustrated retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ set during the Salem Witch Trials


Wendy Toliver, Once Upon a Time: Red’s Untold Tale (2016) – reimagined version of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ about a teenage ‘Red’, a companion novel to the TV show Once Upon a Time

John Townsend, Night of the Werewolf (2010) – fictional retelling of the legend of the Beast of Gevaudan, a wolf(?) which terrorized a French town in the eighteenth century

I. M. Truman, The Chronicles of Brother Wolf (1939) – told under the pen name ‘Tertius’, this is an imagined account of St Francis’s miraculous taming of the wolf from the point of view of his friend


Maria Vale, The Legend of All Wolves series (2018-2022) – ongoing fantasy romance series about a young shapeshifting wolf-human who falls in love with another wolf rejected from his own pack


Damian A. Wassel and Adrian F. Wassel, The Gifted (2014-2016), three-volume graphic novel series about a lone wolf’s struggle to survive in a barren environment


Guo Xuebo, The Desert Wolf (1996) – a Chinese short story about humans and wolves in Inner Mongolia

Lu Xun, The New Year’s Sacrifice, in Selected Stories of Lu Hsun, trans. by Yang Hsien-yi and Gladys Yang (1960) – Chinese short story about a woman who is not only married off against her will, but whose son is killed by a wolf


M. F. Yasmin, A Wolf in Mask (2018) – a fairy tale-style story about a girl and a wolf, told in both prose and poetry


Ma Zhongxing, I Wish I Were a Wolf, in I Wish I Were a Wolf: The New Voice in Chinese Women’s Literature, trans. by Diana B. Kingsbury (1996) – Chinese short story about a woman who feels like a sheep being herded into sacrifice for her family, but wishes she were more like a wolf

Jack Zipes (ed.), The Trials and Tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood: Versions of the Tale in Sociocultural Context (1983) – compilation of the different versions of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, with an introduction to the stories and their social history


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