And Man Created Dog (2010) – documentary about the genetic history of dogs, and how they came to be domesticated from wolves


Balapan, the Wings of the Altai (Balapan, les ailes de l’Altaï) (2005) – French documentary about a 4-year-old Mongolian boy who must catch and train a young eagle to hunt wolves with


Caribou and Wolves, the Endless Dance (2015) – BBC documentary about the relationship between wolves and caribou in North America as the caribou migrate to their calving grounds

Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves (2010) – about the competition between wolves and bears in Yellowstone National Park

Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo (2013) – Jeff Turner follows the life of a pack of wolves who live alongside buffalo in Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada

Cry of the Wild (1972) – Bill Mason’s second documentary about wolves, detailing the two years he spent shooting Death of a Legend

Crying Wolf: Exposing the Wolf Reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park (2011) – independent documentary film about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park


Death of a Legend (1971) – Bill Mason’s first documentary about wolves, aiming to challenge the view that they are evil and show their importance in maintaining healthy ecosystems

Dire Wolf (2007) – episode of the Prehistoric Predators series, about the dire wolf and why it went extinct


Following the Tundra Wolf (1974) – about the Arctic wolves found in the Canadian Arctic and the caribou which they hunt

Freedom of the Pack (2017) – documentary about the war between humans and wolves, exploring why humans have massacred wolves throughout history, and how we can live peacefully alongside wolves in the years to come


Global Wolf (2006) – episode of the series Wild Kingdom, about the various relationships between wolves and humans around the world

Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest (2017) – shows the plight of the Mexican gray wolf by following the story of one lone animal who has the potential to save this critically endangered species


The Hidden Trail: Tracking Canada’s Coastal Wolves (Auf der Spur der Küstenwölfe) (2006) – German documentary about the wolves who live on the coast of British Colombia

Highlights of the Ambassador Wolves: An Intimate View – about one of the packs of ‘ambassador’ wolves at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota


In the Valley of the Wolves (2007) – documentary following the lives of the Druids, a wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park

Inside the Wolf Pack (2010) – fifth episode of the second series of National Geographic’s Expedition Wild series, about the social dynamics of wolf packs


Kingdom of the White Wolf (2019) – three-part documentary following Ronan Donovan, a National Geographic researcher, as he studies wolves in the Arctic


Land of the Lost Wolves (2012) – two-part BBC documentary about a pack of wolves living on the west coast of North America

Living with the Wolfman (2008) – eight-part documentary about Sean Ellis’s life in wolf pack, and how Ellis integrated his partner into the pack

Living with Wolves (2004) – documentary about Erik Zimen’s research on wolves, using his own footage filmed over 30 years in a variety of countries in Europe

Living with Wolves (2005) – documentary following Jim and Jamie Dutcher as they lived alongside a pack of wolves in Idaho, sequel to Wolves at Our Door

Lobo: The Wolf that Changed America (2008) (also broadcast in the US as The Wolf that Changed America, in a slightly different and longer version, in 2009) – documentary about Lobo, the famous ‘outlaw’ wolf hunted by Ernest Thompson Seton and described in his book Wild Animals I Have Known

Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators (2009) – documentary about apex predators as keystone species and their role in healthy ecosystems, as well as their relationship with humans


Medicine of the Wolf (2015) – documents presenter Julia Huffman’s journey across America in order to learn about grey wolves, meeting people who are both in favour of and opposed to them

Meet the Coywolf (2014) – documentary about the coywolf, an animal found in North America which is a mix between the coyote and wolf

The Mountains of the Wolf (Las Montañas del lobo) (2003) – documentary about two wolves travelling together through the mountains of Northern Spain

Mr and Mrs Wolf (2009) – two-part documentary following Sean Ellis’s attempt to integrate his partner into the wolf pack of which he is a part

Mystery of the Wolf (Il Mistero del Lupo) (2003) – follows a team of biologists studying the wolves of the Pollino National Park in Italy


Or7: The Journey (2014) – follows the life of OR-7, a wolf who travelled from Oregon to California


Painted Wolf(2018) – fourth episode of the BBC series Dynasties, following the tensions between two packs of painted wolves in Zimbabwe

Predator/Prey: The Fight for Isle Royale Wolves (2016) – about the relationship between the wolves and moose on Isle Royale, and the role each play in the ecosystem


Radioactive Wolves: Chernobyl’s Nuclear Wilderness (2011) – documentary about the wolves who live in Chernobyl, their effect on the ecosystem, and how they survive in an area too radioactive for humans to live in

The Real ‘Monarch of the Glen’ (2008) – six-part BBC series about Paul Lister’s plans to rewild the Alladale Estate

Red Wolf Revival (2015) – short documentary about the last wild population of red wolves and the efforts to recover their numbers in North Carolina

Return to the Wolves (重返狼群) (2017) – Chinese documentary about a woman who raised an orphaned wolf before returning it to the wild

Return of the Wolves: The Next Chapter (2013) – documentary about the recovery of grey wolf populations in the US and the related controversy, as well as Mexican wolves in Arizona and Arctic wolves in the Canadian Northwest

The Rise of Black Wolf (2011) – National Geographic documentary about a black wolf living in Yellowstone National Park, who leaves his pack and searches for females from other packs to mate with


She Wolf (2014) – National Geographic documentary about a female wolf in Yellowstone National Park who becomes the leader of a pack

The Snow Wolf: A Winter’s Tale (2018) – BBC dramatized account of a female wolf’s journey across the Alps, during which she gives birth to six pups

Snow Wolf Family and Me (2014) – two-part BBC documentary following Gordon Buchanan as he meets a pack of Arctic wolves in the Canadian Arctic

Stories of Wolves: The Lobo Returns (2011) – about the efforts to recover the population of Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico, documenting both the importance of wolves to the ecosystem and the opposition they face from ranchers and others who do not want the wolves back


Takaya: Lone Wolf (2019) – BBC documentary documenting Cheryl Alexander’s seven years documenting the life of Takaya, a lone wolf in British Columbia, Canada

The Trouble with Wolves (2018) – Collin Monda investigates the two sides of the debate about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone

True Wolf (2012) – about a couple in Montana who raise a wolf pup and train its mother for use as an ‘ambassador’ wolf


La vallée des loups (2016) – documentary following  Jean-Michel Bertrand’s three-year journey following wolves across the French Alps


Walking with Wolves (2015) – documentary about the relationship between shepherds and wolves in central India

The War in Between (2017) – documentary about a therapy program for US veterans with PTSD which includes spending time with rescued wolves

White Falcon, White Wolf (2008) – BBC documentary about a pair of white gyrfalcons and a pair of Arctic wolves both attempting to raise their young in the Canadian Arctic

White Wolf (1986) – National Geographic documentary directed by Jim Brandenburg about the Arctic wolves found on Ellesmere Island

White Wolves: Ghosts of the Arctic (2017) – documentary about a pack of Arctic wolves living on Ellesmere Island

Wild Battlefields: Wolf (2005) – fourth episode of the BBC documentary series Wild Battlefields, following a pack of wolves in the Rocky Mountains

Wild Wolves (1997) – hosted by David Attenborough, documenting wolves in natural habitats as well as in cities

Wolf: The Legendary Outlaw (1997) – sixth episode of the first series of the BBC program The Wildlife Species, capturing the lives of various wolves from the Arctic to Romania

The Wolfman (2007) (also titled A Man Among Wolves) – Channel 5 documentary about Sean Ellis, who used his expertise in wolf behaviour, gained from having lived in a pack of wolves, to help a Polish farmer find non-lethal methods to deter wolves from attacking his livestock

A Wolf Called Storm (2012) – episode of the BBC series Natural World about Jeff Turner’s year following Storm, a female wolf living in the Canadian Arctic

The Wolf Man – The Diary of Paul Balenovic (1998) – BBC documentary about Paul Balenovic, who raised wolves before returning them to the wild in Croatia

The Wolf Or-7 Expedition (2015) – about OR-7, a wolf who travelled over 1,200 miles from Oregon to California

Wolf Pack (1974) – Bill Mason’s third and final documentary about wolves, giving an intimate portrait of the wolf’s life through the winter and spring

Wolf Pack (2003) – National Geographic documentary about the challenges faced by the wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park

Wolf Pack (2004) – episode of the BBC series Natural World, about the world’s largest wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park

Wolf: Return of a Legend (1993) – documentary about Jim Dutcher’s years spent filming the Sawtooth wolf pack in Idaho

Wolf vs Bear (2018) – about the competition between wolves and bears in the far north of America

Wolf vs. Cougar (2004) – fifth episode of Discovery Channel series Animal Face-Off documenting a conflict between a grey wolf and a cougar in the Rocky Mountains of North America

Wolf Walk (Marche avec les loups) (2020) – follows filmmaker Jean-Michel Bertrand’s journey across the French Alps as he tracks a young grey wolf who is travelling alone, in search of a territory and a mate to start his own pack

A Wolf’s Journey (L’Odyssée du Loup) (2019) – documentary about a wolf named Slava who, after having been rejected by his pack, travels from Romania, across Western Europe to the Atlantic coast

A Wolf’s Place (2013) – documentary about how wolves can create trophic cascades, following the story of Wolf 10, the first wolf to be released in Yellowstone

Wolves (1999) – IMAX documentary following the reintroduction of wolves to Idaho

Wolves: A Legend Returns to Yellowstone (2007) – National Geographic documentary filmed over four years, documenting the lives of some of the wolves living in Yellowstone National Park

Wolves and Warriors (2018) – documentary series about a group of army veterans who run a wolf sanctuary, where other veterans can visit to help alleviate their PTSD

Wolves at Our Door (1997) – documentary produced by Jim Dutcher about the Sawtooth wolf pack in Idaho

Wolves in Paradise (2007) – about the struggle ranchers face to live alongside wolves in Montana, following their reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park

Wolves: Legends of the Night (2001) – National Geographic documentary about South American maned wolves, as well as Arctic wolves

Wolves Unleashed (2012) – documenting animal trainer Andrew Simpson’s attempt to help make one of the biggest wolf films ever created


Yellowstone Devil Dog (2014) – follows the life of a male Yellowstone wolf named Wolf 755, as he tries to start a new pack after his mate is shot and killed


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